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3 Barb Grapple Glass Max Arrow Innerloc Nock 5/16

3 Barb Grapple Glass Max Arrow Innerloc Nock 5/16

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3 Barb Grapid 5/16" Bowfishing Point by Innerloc®. Built to achieve the proven performance of the original Grapple Point™. The all new Grapid Point™ brings a new level of convenience and speedy fish removal. A control stud that extends out of the back of the tip engages the barbs selecting a shooting position or a new barb retracted mode. All you need to do to switch between modes is loosen or tighten the tip. Grapid's™ patent pending design allows for the tip to be removed and barbs fold forward for an alternate method of fish removal. An anti-vibration sleeve inside of the tip keeps the tip secure during the toughest days on the water. Crafted in the U.S.A. of all stainless steel.

3 Barb Grapple with Glass Max Shaft. Complete Assembly.