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Ameristep Care Taker KO - Midwest Archery

Ameristep Care Taker KO

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The Caretaker™ Kick-Out manages easy maneuverability with a comfortable, spacious interior for up to two hunters. There isn’t just legroom for you – there’s storage for your gear, too. Patent-pending dual kick-outs extend floor space to create an impressive 65” x 65” footprint that holds extra gear out of the way, leaving more space for you to find your shot. The kick-outs also give the ground blind a unique organic shape that blends into the field more effectively than typical square blinds. Stay concealed with built-in brush loops for native brush and a shoot-through mesh window system optimized for rifle and bow hunters. Each window opens and closes silently with one swift movement.
Dimensions: 65”L x 65”W x 66”H
Weight: 15 lbs.
Window Openings: 9
Window System: Silent toggles
Shell Fabric: Durashell™ Plus
Footprint: 65" x 65"
Shooting Width: 69"