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AMS Water Moc Recurve Package - RH - Midwest Archery

AMS Water Moc Recurve Package - RH

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Go retro with this sleek and simple takedown recurve kit.

High-performance, lightweight, water-resistant, sleek, quick, and snappy are just a few of the Water Moc’s features that show this bow is made for bowfishing and life on the water.

QUICK TAKEDOWN   This bow has limb bolts that are designed to be easily removed by hand. Just remove the bowstring and the limb bolts to quickly break the bow down for storage.

FULLY LAMINATED LIMBS   The Water Moc’s™ limbs are fully laminated and coated with a water-resistant seal to protect them from the environment.

POWDER-COATED RISER   The riser is powder coated, lightweight magnesium and dipped in green AMS Koi Carp Camo.

FLEMISH BOWSTRING   High-performance bowstring with endless-loop braid.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 – Water Moc™ Bow
  • 1 – AMS Retriever® TNT with Green Accents and 35 Yards of 350 Pound Spectra Line
  • 1 – White Fiberglass Arrow with Chaos® FX Point
  • 1 – AMS Tidal Wave® Arrow Rest
  • 1 – Green String Things®

Draw Weight 45 lbs at 28″

Tip-to-Tip 58″

Brace Height 7.75″

Approximate Let-Off N/A

Bow Weight 2.5 lbs

Riser Material Machined Magnesium

Limb Material Laminated Wood Power

String Length 54″