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Black Widow Widow Maker Scent Drag

Black Widow Widow Maker Scent Drag

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Spread deer attractant quickly and effectively with the super-absorbent Scent Drag. The drag rag is designed to soak up deer lure without diluting or interfering with the scent. Using this dispersing scent this way is simple – just add your  favorite Black Widow deer attractant, clip on the drag and walk to your deer hunting stand. *Make sure to refresh the scent on the drag often on your walk in.  For deer will trail the scent to it's strongest source "Just like a Beagle tracking a rabbit".  Though the effort required is minimal, the results will be  impressive. The Widow Maker Scent Drag makes it easy to lay down a potent scent trail that deer will readily follow. " It's Simple....It Works!"