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Bohning Black Sky 2.0 Crossbow Bolts 20"

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Bohning Black Sky 2.0 20" Crossbow Bolts

The Black Sky 2.0 crossbow bolt is designed for modern rail-less crossbows. This bolt has our legendary 2" Blazer vane profile. The Black Sky 2.0 vane is made out of stiff and quiet material which is perfect for high-speed rail-less crossbows. The vanes, points, and nocks are all produced in the USA at the Bohning factory.

  • Bolt: Neon Green and White 20" Crossbow Bolts. 400 Grain Total weight. +/- 0.003 Straightness
  • Vane: 2" Blazer Profile. Ideal for high-speed rail-less crossbows
  • Premium Point: 100 Grain stainless Bohning Premium point.