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Cobra Archery Maverick Jr Release

Cobra Archery Maverick Jr Release

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The “Maverick Jr” is a State-of-the-Art release design that combines ingenuity, simplicity, strength & accuracy.  The Maverick Jr has a revolutionary “Pinch-to-Close” design (Pat. Pend.).  This bodiless design can be closed by pinching the calipers together from the front or the rear and can also be closed the standard conventional way.  The pinch to close allows the archer to use the calipers as an extension of their fingers.  You can quickly and easily connect the release. The pioneering, spring lanyard creates a flexible, formable & versatile connection.  The spring lanyard holds the release in position but can be flexed into another shape.  This innovative connection design acts as a post connection with a torque free performance.  The Spring has 1-1/4” of length adjustability and can be removed if desired.  The Maverick Jr will be the new industry standard upon which all youth caliper releases are measured.  This proshop only model is designed with a reduced sized strap to fit young archers or anyone with a small wrist.

Pinch-to-Close Design Pat. Pend.

Spring Lanyard Connection Closed Loop Wrist Strap

Fully Adjustable Trigger Rugged & Compact             

Precision Machined                               

Pioneering Innovation Revolutionary Release System Pat. Pend.                                    

Lifetime Warranty