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Bear Resurgence LD 70# RH Mossy Oak DNA

Bear Resurgence LD 70# RH Mossy Oak DNA

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Calling all BIG AND TALL, meet the answer to your bowhunting needs - the 2022 Resurgence LD. A bow designed specifically to comfortably suite draw lengths longer than 30 inches. This performance-packed, lightweight, and versatile bow has draw length adjustability from 25 to 32 inches. The Resurgence LD has a forgiving 32” axle-to-axle and features Bear’s new 80% single cam system. The Resurgence LD also comes equipped with the 2022 vibration eliminating KillerWave in-limb dampening system that leaves the bow feeling dead-in-hand after every shot. With amazing accuracy and arrow speeds up to 310 FPS, the Resurgence LD offers an ultra-smooth draw cycle making it perfect for the long draw bowhunter.

  • Long Draw Adjustability Highly adjustable 25”-32” draw length
  • Intelligently Designed All-new 80% let off single cam system
  • Lightweight and Versatile 32” axle-to-axle and less than 4lbs. mass weight
  • Goodbye Vibration Equipped with KillerWave in-limb dampeners and RockStop string dampeners
  • Ultra-Smooth Draw Cycle Smoothest single cam draw cycle in the industry
  • Right Handed