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BeeStinger Microhex 10.8 Stabilizer Kit Matte Black

BeeStinger Microhex 10.8 Stabilizer Kit Matte Black

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For years, world- class archers have known the benefits of combining front and back bar stabilizers for superior balance and shot control. Now, Bee Stinger brings this same stabilization strategy to the hunting world with the MicroHex Xtreme System. The system features a longer front MicroHex stabilizer with a shorter back MicroHex stabilizer, both mounted to an Elite side arm for maximum moment of inertia. You’ll feel the difference in your hand, and with regular use your shot groupings will tighten at extended distances.

  • Proprietary Countervail carbon fiber to dampen vibration.
  • Micro diameter for better performance in windy conditions.
  • Lighter weight to decrease mass weight and allow balance adjustment.
  • Two-piece end caps for extreme durability.
  • Includes front bar, back bar, and Elite bracket
  • Most effective system for overall bow balance and stabilization.