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Easton 5mm FMJ Autumn Orange Shafts 300 - Midwest Archery

Easton 5mm FMJ Autumn Orange Shafts 300

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5MM FMJ Autumn Orange 100 Year Limited Edition 


Celebrating Easton’s 100 years in archery, the 5MM Autumn Orange FMJ is a fresh take on an old favorite, featuring Easton exclusive FMJ arrow technology and finished with the classic Easton Autumn Orange anodize, this limited edition offering gives archers a modern arrow with throwback nostalgia to the arrows they may have put in their first quiver. Includes HIT inserts and 5mm X Nocks installed. 


Maximum Penetration, Ease of Pull 


  • 5MM HIT 8-32 inserts included (16 grain)
  • 5MM small-diameter carbon-core with 7075-alloy metal jacket FMJ Construction 
  • Pre-installed 5mm (X) nocks 
  • Easy target pull  
  • Easy to find orange anodized finish 
  • Straightness +/- .002” 
  • Made in USA 
  • 12.0 GPI