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Flambeau Formula Bow Case 30060X
Flambeau Formula Bow Case 30060X
Flambeau Formula Bow Case 30060X
Flambeau Formula Bow Case 30060X

Flambeau Formula Bow Case 30060X

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The Formula™️ Bow Case delivers an unrivaled storage solution with the revolutionary Adjustable Bow Security (A.B.S.) System, a foamless chassis assembly that free-floats critical precision components — sight, cams, cables, and string — for contact-free preservation. The shock-absorbing A.B.S. chassis format features integral tie-down spines that anchor risers using patented Nite Ize Mega™ Gear Ties® to cement bows in place for protection perfection.

MID-WEIGHT CASE WITH HEAVY-DUTY TRAVEL PROTECTION: A mid-weight system (18.25 lbs unloaded) that still offers the protection level of a heavy-duty, thick-walled case, the Formula features an automatic pressure release valve and weatherproof gasket combination that produces an anti-crush and impact defusing air chamber that negates the need for heavier exterior walls.


  • WEIGHT: 18.25 lbs. (Unloaded)
  • INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 44.44" L x 16.06" W x 8.29" H
  • EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 47" L x 19.37" W x 9.31" H


  • FOAM FREE: Utilizes adjustable foamless chassis with shock absorbing rubber membrane
  • SECURE TWIST: Features twistable patented Nite Ize Mega™ Gear Ties® to unconditionally anchor bows in place during transit
  • PROTECTION REPETITION: Hassle-free, muscle memory tiedown operation
  • PRESERVED PRECISION: Free-floats sights, cams, cables, and strings to safeguard critical precision components
  • QUIVER TO-GO: Permits quiver to remain attached to bow in case
  • BROAD-SPECTRUM COMPATIBILITY: Fits makes and models under 40 inches in overall length with the accessory pouch inserted and 43 inches in overall length without the accessory pouch


  • Weatherproof gasket
  • Automatic pressure release valve
  • Removable accessory storage pouch
  • Internal rack for 8 spare arrows
  • Over molded handle
  • 6 over cam throw latches
  • External tie-down slots
  • Lockable and airline friendly