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Gargod Reel Seat

Gargod Reel Seat

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Constructed of lightweight, high quality aluminum with stainless steel components, this innovative, one of a kind bowfishing reel seat is designed for the hardcore fisherman, the professional guide, or anyone else who loves the sport of bowfishing as much as we do.

The GARGOD bowfishing reel seat allows the fastest, hassle free reel mount and exchange in the industry.  No more having to remove your mounted hardware such as a rod or your current reel seat's front cap just to remove or change out your reel.  The GARGOD bowfishing reel seat is totally tool-less and allows reels to be changed out in less than 5 seconds.

Utilizing our patented design, the GARGOD reel seat is designed for all spincast bowfishing reels and attaches to your bow's 5/16" stabilizer bushing.