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Gold Tip Superfly Pro Crossbow Bolt 6pk

Gold Tip Superfly Pro Crossbow Bolt 6pk

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The Gold Tip Superfly Pro Crossbow Bolt is built to convert the powerful energy generated by high-performance crossbows into more accurate shots where it matters most: Your target. Designed with high modulus carbon and a super-stiff spine, the Superfly Pro gives you the long-range accuracy your crossbow was built to deliver! 

  • +/- .001” straightness tolerance
  • +/- .5 grain weight tolerance
  • Designed for crossbows shooting 350+ FPS
  • Smart Carbon Technology – pure carbon, no fillers
  • Legendary durability & straightness retention
  • Length: 20"
  • 8.5 GPI

*Field Tips not included

*Vane color may vary