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Latitude Outdoors Carbon SS Climbing Sticks Single
Latitude Outdoors Carbon SS Climbing Sticks Single

Latitude Outdoors Carbon SS Climbing Sticks Single

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Aerospace Technology Meets Mobile Hunting Equipment. This proprietary carbon fiber technology was originally developed for aerospace and automotive applications. One of the first applications was structural components on airplanes. They needed a material that was ultralight, durable and could withstand extreme temperature changes (think about taking off from a 120 degree runway in Arizona and then being in cold temperatures at 30,000 ft in a matter of minutes).
That’s why this carbon fiber tech is perfect for mobile hunting gear.  It’s ultralight.  It’s durable. It’s warm to the touch. It eliminates metal noise. It excels at handling extreme temperatures.
The Carbon SS Climbing Sticks are designed to allow for flush stacking, making them more packable for saddle hunters and tree stand hunters. They are true 18 in sticks, in contrast to some other premium, ultralight options. At only 1 lb per stick, they are the lightest climbing sticks made in the USA. 

Made in the USA is an important point here. When using advanced materials to achieve premium specs, quality control is absolutely crucial. Quality control is difficult with overseas manufacturing. Carbon SS Climbing Sticks are TMA tested and approved. 5-year warranty included.

If you like to climb extra high when the situation arises but don't want the bulk of carrying extra sticks, add our single step aiders and double your climbing height per stick for only 1oz. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider the Carbon SS Climbing Sticks for your mobile setup. Good luck this fall!