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PSE Fortis 33 EC2 RH 70#

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The 2023 Fortis optimizes and enhances PSE’s most stable and efficient hunting platform, elevating your shooting experience to the highest levels, and shooting up to 345 fps. Engineered with PSE’s Full Draw Stability system, the Fortis actively resists induced torque and delivers unparalleled precision at full draw. Thanks to PSE’s new EZ.220 Snap Spacer System, the Fortis allows for quick bow tuning and cam lean adjustment. Additionally, this bow is powered by PSE’s new EC2 cams with wider payout tracks, delivering a smoother draw with added stability.

The Fortis is also enhanced with PSE’s newly designed limb dampers and our new Kill-Shok riser-mounted damper, all working in harmony to reduce bow vibration by 28% on the shot. To ensure a steady hold in the field, the Fortis is the first bow with PSE’s new Traxion Tech Grip, designed with perfectly contoured molded and machined options.

Finally, this bow packs in all the mounting options PSE is known for, including a picatinny rail for sights, mounts for QAD Integrate™ and Hamskea Epsilon™ arrow rests, two-piece quiver mounting holes, and quick disconnect sling barrels.

Mass Weight 4.8 lbs

Draw Length 25.5" - 31"

Draw Weight 70

Speed 332

Axle to Axle 32-1/4"

Brace Height 6-5/8"