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PSE Nock 30 ES RH Green 80#

PSE Nock 30 ES RH Green 80#

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The ALL NEW PSE Nock 30 ES starts with the best 30” axle to axle bow on the market then gives it that NockOn treatment. With the E2 cam system the Nock 30 ES has a longer draw capability and a little more speed! From the second the shot breaks, the silence is deafening. Zero aftershock in your hands is only trumped by our Full Draw Stability- meaning this bow can STACK arrows exactly where you want them. Using superior engineering and geometry, this 30” ATA carbon bow has an effective string angle comparable to much larger bows from other manufacturers. From the ground blind to the backcountry you’re carrying the best bow for the job. Equipped with the PSE E2 cam.

Cam - E2

Brace height - 6"

Axle to axle - 30"

Ibo speed rating - 342

Letoff - 80-90%

Mass weight - 3.6 lbs.

Draw length range - 27"-31"

Draw weight - 80 lbs.