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QAD Nock On UltraRest HDX Black RH

QAD Nock On UltraRest HDX Black RH

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The new Nock On UltraRest HDX is a total containment, high-performance, cable-driven drop-away arrow rest made in the USA. This total containment rest keeps the arrow in position regardless of how you are maneuvering your bow while stalking, in a ground blind or treestand or on the range. When your bow is drawn, the launcher auto rotates to 90 degrees and the Velocity Drop-Away Technology is activated. Velocity Drop-Away Technology allows the launcher to drop only when the bow is fired through the use of high-tension springs with full arrow clearance at over 400 FPS. It also utilizes Lock Down Technology that prevents any bounce back of the rest prongs, which prevents any sort of fletching or arrow contact on the prongs during the firing process. It is built with a cam brake and damper design that kills noise and vibration resulting in an ultra-quiet shot. 

The Nock On UltraRest HDX has vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment capability and an ergonomic, easy-to-use thumb cocking and un-cocking lever. Our Nock On model comes with silencing felt as well as our exclusive Nock On shrink tubing that provides an extra level of durability and silencing barrier to the prongs and the capture bar. To learn how to install the silencing shrink tubing, please click the video link below. Each one of the Nock On UltraRest HDX has been built with the spacer block installed, and horizontal adjustments made, for the majority of today's high-end model bows. (Finite adjustments will need to be made based on your specific bow model).