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QAD Ultrarest HDX Sitka Optifade Elevated II RH

QAD Ultrarest HDX Sitka Optifade Elevated II RH

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 The QAD UltraRest Arrow Rest HDX is a top of the line bow rest that has all the features an avid hunter would want. With a sleek, curved capture bar, you'll have more clearance while also having total arrow containment. The modern design features laser-cut felt, cam-brake, and dampeners to help reduce noise. Versatile and compatible with most bows on the market, this QAD UltaRest HDX Arrow Rest is an ideal pick for the avid bow hunter.


  • Top of the line bow rest
  • Total arrow containment
  • Sleek, curved capture bar
  • Mounting Block Design allows for vertical adjustment and fits most bows
  • Full-draw indicator marks
  • Durable molded rubber provides quiet shots and feel
  • AVTTM (Advanced Vibration TechnologyTM) to reduce vibration
  • LDTTM (Lock Down TechnologyTM) to eliminate rest bounce back
  • VDTTM (Velocity Drop-Away TechnologyTM) maintains arrow-capture position
  • Adjustable timing cord at the thumbwheel
  • Vertical, horizontal, and overdraw adjustments
  • Arrow rest has breakaway safety features
  • Made in the USA



  • Material: CNC aluminum, stainless steel, and Delrin® components
  • Dimensions: 2.5" L x 5.3" W x 7.3" H
  • Weight: 8 oz.