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Ripcord Arrow Rest Drive IMS No-Micro, Black, RH

Ripcord Arrow Rest Drive IMS No-Micro, Black, RH

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Drop-away, limb-driven rest. Uses ball bearings in the rest housing to eliminate any wiggle in the operation. This is the arrow rest for the bowhunter who wants supreme accuracy, full arrow containment and no headaches.

• Ball bearing drive system allows for smooth operation and unmatched accuracy
• Internal dampening system reduces noise from activation of the rest
• Adjustable launcher angle gives you the adjustability during tuning to ensure there is no fletching contact
• Easy cord tension adjustment allows you to use top or bottom limb activation as well as swapping cords with ease
• Overmolded launcher eliminates the need for moleskin for a quiet draw
• Easy installation with no bow press required
• Lightweight aluminum construction for a lifetime of use
• Includes: extra wide flexfit launch pad to hold your arrow when rest is not set
• Features IMS (Integrated Mounting System) technology; dovetails machined into your riser provide a superior connection with the arrow rest compared to the old bolt and bracket