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Ripcord Ratchet Limb Driven Rest RH, IMS Mount, Micro Adjust

Ripcord Ratchet Limb Driven Rest RH, IMS Mount, Micro Adjust

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The Ripcord Ratchet Limb Driven arrow rest, where precision meets simplicity for unparalleled performance. This revolutionary arrow rest boasts limb-driven ease of tunability, coupled with Speed Set Technology, setting a new standard for setup speed. With unmatched durability and cutting-edge technology, achieving the perfect arrow flight and unrivaled accuracy has never been easier. Say goodbye to complicated adjustments and hello to effortless, consistent performance on every shot. The Ripcord Ratchet Limb Driven arrow rest is your gateway to accuracy perfection.

  • Speed Set Technology to Fine-tune your cable take-up in milliseconds with a quick click of the dial.
  • Easy limb-driven setup in under 5 minutes, without the need for a bow press.
  • Unwavering reliability in all conditions ensures flawless performance when it matters most.
  • Anti-bounce back launcher eliminates arrow contact on the shot for increased accuracy.
  • Unmatched arrow retention for quiet operation.
  • Padded launcher and over-molded containment cage.
  • Micro-adjust models allow for extremely precise changes in the horizontal and vertical positioning.