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ScentFIRE Electronic Scent Vaporizer

ScentFIRE Electronic Scent Vaporizer

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Hunters have used liquid attractant and cover scents for decades with limited success. They have relied on that scent to evaporate from a scent wick or cotton ball. The problem with this is that evaporation is slow and in many conditions, unreliable That's why scents rarely work as promised.  ScentFIRE transforms liquid scent into a powerful vapor. 

Kit contains: 1 Scent Vaporizer, 1 Evercalm Scent cartridge, 1 Remote control (batteries not included)

ScentFIRE quickly heats liquid scent turning it into a long-ranging, strong smelling vapor. 
ScentFIRE takes pre-filled cartridges of various Conquest Scents (VS1, EverCalm, Rutting Buck; one cartridge lasts approx. 50 hours on 3 minute mode).

Position ScentFIRE in a strategic position. It will automatically disperse scent every 90 seconds (adjustable). Or, use it manually (remote included).

ScentFIRE uses three AA batteries (not included).