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Scott Talon Release Camo

Scott Talon Release Camo

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Auto Return Hook Style Release Featuring 100% String Clearance

The Talon is the straightest shooting, hook style release available today. Delivering 100% hook clearance, the Talon is extremely accurate & tunable. Moreover, its single sear driven, inline design with TrueCenter Pulling reduces string loop torque. 

Featuring an auto-returning stainless-steel hook, the Talon provides travel and more tension adjustment than any other release, while the grip ridges allows archers an accurate and consistent draw – every time.

  • Single Sear, Inline Design With TrueCenter Pulling To Reduce Loop Torque 
  • Auto-Reset Returning Hook Feature Delivers 100% Clearance For Extreme Accuracy & Tunability
  • Torque-Less Fall Away Connector Strap 
  • 9 Different Length Adjustment Options 
  • More Tension Adjustment Than Any Other Release 
  • Fully Adjustable Trigger and Travel Adjustment 
  • Grip Ridges Guidance For An Accurate Draw
  • Nine Different Length Adjustments