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Solid Aim Shooting Stick

Solid Aim Shooting Stick

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Even experienced shooters have difficulty holding a gun or crossbow steady. Most shooting sticks assist with steadying a weapon — but many are bulky and very inconvenient to bring afield. Solid Aim wants to change that, with its ability to be extended or retracted at a moment’s notice. The compact Solid Aim can be adjusted from 8 inches in length to over 60 inches, and will pivot 180 degrees from left to right for easy aiming. It can be used in any shooting position that you can imagine and in a wide variety of hunting scenarios such as stalking, blind hunting and even treestand hunting. When the time comes to make a shot, the Solid Aim shooting stick can be quickly deployed by pulling and extending the stick to your desired length or height. When it’s time to move on, simply squeeze the release trigger to retract the stick back to its convenient, packable size of about 8 inches.