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Spot Hogg WiseGuy Release Muddy Girl Strap
Spot Hogg WiseGuy Release Muddy Girl Strap

Spot Hogg WiseGuy Release Muddy Girl Strap

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Spot-Hogg Archery Products Wiseguy Release Strap. Increase your speed and accuracy when you strap on the Spot-Hogg Wiseguy wrist release. Built specifically for hardcore hunters who have asked for a wrist strap style release but with the same quality and accuracy as the target releases. The Wiseguy incorporates the lightest trigger of any hunting release ever created and with specific features such as adjustable length, fail safe trigger with no trigger travel, rigid body for comfort and speed, and a quick loading jaw that creates a torque free release when using a D-Loop. The Wiseguy is destined to send your old release to the bow box for an extended time out.

Product Features:

Light, adjustable trigger with zero travel. Self reloading hook. Forward trigger design for maximum draw length and speed. Adjustable length. Open jaw for ultra-fast D-Loop hook up