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TenPoint CenterPunch HPX Premium Carbon Arrows 6pk
TenPoint CenterPunch HPX Premium Carbon Arrows 6pk

TenPoint CenterPunch HPX Premium Carbon Arrows 6pk

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NOTE: Required for use with TenPoint rail-less crossbows (TRX 515 and TX 440)

TenPoint’s Most Accurate 20-inch Arrow

Measuring 20-inches in length, weighing 445-grains, & featuring 15.5% FOC, the CenterPunch HPX is spine-aligned to the odd color vane & is TenPoint’s most accurate 20″ arrow.

Each arrow is inspected for straightness to within .001” and each package is weight-grain matched within 1-grain per arrow.  Featuring a unidirectional carbon inner layer for stiffness, and a woven carbon fiber outer layer for impact strength, the arrow is equipped with the patented Alpha-Nock™ HPX.

The NEW Alpha-Nock HPX features a Nock Retention Groove that snaps into the TriggerTech trigger box on the TRX 515 & TX 440 allowing the user to both hear & feel the positive engagement of the nock to the string – indicating your arrow is properly locked & loaded in the crossbow. In addition, the “snap-in” design of the Nock Retention Groove eliminates the fit disadvantages & string wear associated with “snap-on” nock designs.

The Alpha-Nock HPX also features an HP Aluminum Bushing for increased strength and accuracy, a deep bowstring groove, a large smooth radius base, and elongated ears.  The crossbow string wraps tightly around the center of the Alpha-Nock HPX resulting in straight nock travel and precision down-range accuracy, while minimizing serving wear.

  • 20-inches
  • 445-grains
  • 3-inch Bohning X Vanes™
  • .001 Straightness
  • Weight-grain matched to within 1-grain per arrow.
  • Alpha-Nock HPX
  • Unidirectional carbon inner layer for stiffness and a woven carbon fiber outer layer for impact strength.

Nock - Alpha-Nock HPX

Length - 20"

Weight - 445-grains (+/- 1-grain)

Vane - 3" Bohning X

F.O.C - 15.5%

Insert Weight - 87-grain Brass Insert

Crossbow Compatibility - All TenPoint & Wicked Ridge Crossbows