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HHA Tetra Max RYZ X3 Pic Mount RH .010
HHA Tetra Max RYZ X3 Pic Mount RH .010
HHA Tetra Max RYZ X3 Pic Mount RH .010

HHA Tetra Max RYZ X3 Pic Mount RH .010

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15 years ago we introduced our to the yard accuracy yardage tapes. We have prided ourselves in building the highest quality tapes available on the market, introducing the RYZ/Long Distance Tetra Tapes in 2022. Reaching distances further than we have reached before, the RYZ/Long Distance Tetra Tapes are sure to give you an edge the next time you hit the range. All RYZ/Long Distance Tetra
Tapes are water proof and are color coded to be easily seen in low light conditions. Each tape is peel-able to eliminate the need for scissors when installing your yardage tape.

  Product Features

  • Mechanical rheostat for fiber optic brightness control
  • Triple Point™ Technology pairs each pin to it’s own indicator
  • Sight ring with integrated bubble level
  • To the yard accuracy with the quick turn of the wheel. Now featuring the longest tape sets we have ever built
  • Water Resistant Yardage Tapes
  • All Tetra Series sights feature an Infinite Adjust Plate, allowing for independent elevation and 2nd axis adjustment
  • All the benefits of the Tetra RYZ X3, but add the ability to change between arrow set