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Trophyline Tree Tether/Lineman's Rope

Trophyline Tree Tether/Lineman's Rope

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Ropes are a crucial part of any mobile hunting setup. This dual purpose Tree Tether/ Lineman's Rope is incredibly tough while also being supple enough to neatly store in a pouch, pocket, or pack.  With an increased 6" Sewn Eye, this rope can be easily girth hitched to any saddle for use as the Lineman's Rope, eliminating the need for a second carabiner.  Additionally, the 6" Sewn Eye allows for an easier setup once at hunting height for use as the Tree Tether.  

  • 11mm diameter
  • 7,800 lb breaking strength
  • Factory 6" Sewn Eye
  • 7' Length
  • Polyester Jacket w/ Nylon Core
  • Semi-Static
  • Black Diamond Carabiner
  • Dual Purpose