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12 Victory VAP TKO Elite 350 Arrow Fletched

12 Victory VAP TKO Elite 350 Arrow Fletched

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The VAP TKO .166 micro-diameter hunting arrow incorporates our most advanced carbon engineering to date to create the deepest penetrating and most lethal arrow we offer. With MaxxKe Technology, Extreme FOC balance, and dramatically reduced down range cross-wind deflection, this is the go-to arrow for dedicated big game hunters. Victory elite series arrows have a straightness factor of (+/-) 0.001" and weight tolerance of (+/-) 0.5 grains.

Maxx KE Technology - Advanced 3K carbon weave for less torque, faster recovery of arrow flight and tighter uniform spine consistency.

Spine Aligned - Every arrow is digitally spine alligned for increased accuracy and shot to shot consistency.

Matched Weight - Each dozen arrows is weight matched to (+/-) 0.5 grains for precise shot consistency and tighter grouping.

Micro Diameter Arrow - High modulus 100% carbon fiber construction micro diameter for maximum spee & penetration with less wind deflection.

Hand Fletched - Each arrow is 100% custom hand fletched for optimum vane adhesion and alignment.

Ice Nano Ceramic Coating - Victory uses advanced nano ceramic arrow coating to improve penetration and allow for easy removal from targets.

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