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Victory VForce Elite 300 Fletched Arrows 6pk

Victory VForce Elite 300 Fletched Arrows 6pk

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Victory's best shaft just got even better! While the VForce 245 was already one of the most accurate shafts on the market with a standard inside diameter of 0.245 inches, the new generation certainly is no less accurate. Made from high-strength carbon and industry-unique manufacturing tolerances, they are spined with such precision that the VForce 245 will take any archer to the next level.

So how did VICTORY ARCHERY manage to make a nearly perfect product even better? The solution is called "ICE", which is a new nano-ceramic coating that penetrates through the microscopic pores of the carbon and makes the surface substantially smoother. The advantages of this new technology will convince you in no time: The shaft/arrow is less susceptible to wind and is much easier to draw from the target. The surface is also much more durable, less prone to visual imperfections, odorless and resistant to moisture.

Shaft: Carbon
Straightness: ± 0.001"

9.9 GPI

Blazer vane colors may vary